Paranormal D.E.A.D Team are taking part in the WORLDS’S LARGEST GHOST HUNT on Saturday September the 29th.
We have a few tickets up for grabs, to reserve your ticket you need to do a few things below:

Each person has to email us individually for their own ticket,(limited availability) click here to contact us.

Each person will have to sign a wavier form for their own health & safety at our venue before the investigation.

Each person will need to donate to the event via our donations button below you can donate any amount all will be gratefully received, (after paypal fees)

Once you have donated and it has been checked and authorised we will get back to you with your own Event Ticket, this you will need to print off and bring with you on the evening, as well as a torch and something sweet to eat, we will provide refreshments for all.

“We seek only the truth for what we believe to be the Truth, which paranormal worlds exist and remain……And reach out in many forms.”
The team has many years of experience in the paranormal field, we formed with the same objectives, to seek answers to the unknown, our quest continues….
 Our investigations will start with visiting the site in the daylight, to get a good feel of the area and do all health and safety checks for our teams safety.  We also have to make sure were causing no disruption to the local residents, or surrounding  areas.
We will do a live Facebook stream at as many locations as possible .
Our team consists of ghost investigators a psychic, parapsychologist also, media and tech specialists and website administration.
Depending on the location we visit we pre-plan what equipment to deploy,  E.V.P, Wifi Cameras, Spirit box, Rem-Pod, Laser grid, K2, night vision camcorders and digital cameras we also use many different types of motion sensors to use.
After we have done an event we will remove the evidence going through all recordings, pictures, voices, personal experience and put it all on Facebook and our Website.
Essex Based Team