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Join the Paranormal Dead Team – Paranormal Dead

Join the Paranormal Dead Team

Paranormal D.e.a.d feel it is important to educate, document, and help people understand the paranormal.
We are a group of ghost believers, ghost hunters, and  ghost researchers.
Many people have the wrong idea of ghosts from the way they are depicted in movies.
Ghosts are not something to be afraid of.  All that is needed is an open mind and an understanding.
Membership is free to anyone, anywhere.  You do not have to be an investigator to be a member,
just have an interest in the paranormal.
We will answer every question, look at all pictures, and encourage everyone to be included.

To have your membership application considered, please fill out the below form in its entirety.

All Team members are required to pay a £10 Sub each month. This will go towards new equipment that will allow us to get clearer readings of paranormal activity on our outings. This only apply’s to people wanting to become apart of the team but not if your regisitered on the website.

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